PATH - The Urban Quest

Path Team

PATH was founded in Vienna in September 2018. The team behind PATH consists of the three founders Lisa-Maria Koark, Thomas Bergermayer and Paul Braunstorfer:

Lisa-Maria Koark is a self-employed tourist guide in Vienna and its surrounding. She has extensive knowledge of the historical background of the city, which can be experienced in the tours.

Thomas Bergermayer is employed in bank risk management. He has profound knowledge in financial planning and technical administration. His involvement in the set-up team of an Austrian bank has also given him valuable insights into the dynamics of a start-up project.

Paul Braunstorfer is working in commercial aviation. He sees his strength in creative work, in creating and combining the puzzles with the routes, the visual presentation and through his experience from over fifty-five played Escape Rooms.

The three of us have taken it upon ourselves to break new grounds in tourism. With a lot of passion and expertise, we have set up PATH and are looking forward to a positive outcome in 2020 following our motto:

We have a Quest for you!