Noun, [kvɛst] Feminine; "search, search mission", plural "quests", from the latin quaestio "research, question" or quaerere "to ask, to seek".

Refers to the journey of a group of heroes, in the course of which they complete various tasks, go on adventures, defeat enemies, find artifacts, overcome difficulties, thereby gaining fame and experience and thus achieving their desired goal.

  • Do you know Escape Rooms?
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Now discover PATH:

Experience the city of Vienna with all its secrets, mysteries and cultural legacy on your own! With your team you get the unique chance to be guided along dark alleys and into partly unknown corners of Vienna and to discover the city in a completely new way.

At the meeting point you will get some equipment. Those items must first be decoded and used correctly in order to master the path that lies ahead of you! Puzzles have to be solved, tasks have to be completed and knowledge has to be absorbed.

Immerse yourself in the city Vienna of earlier days. A city that you have never experienced before and discover more than just history beyond known places!

PATH - The Urban Quest


Quests in Vienna

Augustins Journey
Augustin's Journey

Vienna got struck by the plague. It is taking over the city... Can you save yourself and the others? Quickly, find Augustin and his secret!

More info soon

Freemason tour
Freemason tour

This secret organisation is still surrounding us. Go on a secret journey to the roots and the meaning of the Freemasonry.

More info soon

Wine & Conundrum
Wine & Conundrum

This is an exclusive winetasting combined with riddles to solve, the opportunity to get to know new people or just enjoy yourself in a special location with friends and family.

More info soon